SPRINGFIELD, Illinois – Multimillion dollar asbestos verdict rejected. Just five months after Illinois Fourth District appellate judges reversed a McLean County jury’s verdict against Honeywell International, another panel of the same court has rejected another conspiracy verdict against the company.

On Dec. 23, three judges found that Circuit Judge Scott Drazewski should have rejected a jury’s $5.5 million award to three widows.

“The record contains no evidence defendant entered into an agreement with any other corporation to falsely assert asbestos was safe or to keep quiet about the dangers of asbestos, although the record contains evidence defendant, on its own, did those things,” wrote Justice James Knecht.”The evidence must be clear and convincing if a conspiracy is to be proved solely by circumstantial evidence.”

Justice Thomas Appleton and Justice Robert Steigmann also concurred.

The widows, whose husbands worked at Unarco asbestos plant in Bloomington, had all won their separate settlements years ago. Honeywell then secured new trials and Drazewski consolidated the three cases into a single trial in 2009.

Jurors awarded $2,401,000 to Doris Dukes as widow of Merlon Dukes, $1,860,000 to Ruth Watkins as widow of John Watkins, and $1,303,000 to Judy Blessing as widow of Robert Blessing.

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