Dominion Virginia Power has announced it plans to appeal fines that were issued by the state regarding an asbestos incident at its Surry nuclear power plant.

After cutting a pipe, twelve contract workers were exposed to asbestos at the Surry plant. The Department of Labor and Industry has ordered Dominion to pay $12,600 in fines following an asbestos incident, which took place in April.

Asbestos is a mineral found in nature, which is currently banned in the United States after it was discovered that it can lead to several health problems if fibers are inhaled. Among the worst disease asbestos exposure can lead to is mesothelioma, a rare cancer affecting the lungs, heart and chest cavities.

Mesothelioma is extremely difficult to both diagnose and treat. First of all, it can take up to 50 years to manifest, so victims may not even realize why they are sick. Second, symptoms don’t always manifest until it is too late and some symptoms are so mild that the victim never seeks the medical attention they need.

According to Dominion spokesman Richard Zuercher, the company did not exceed federal regulations. Zuercher contends says the workers never had their safety compromised. However, a state report obtained by The Daily Press under the Freedom of Information Act stated that Dominion failed to inform the workers about the location and quantity of asbestos at the plant. In addition, the report also states that the company didn’t properly label the pipes that contained the hazardous mineral.

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