SARNIA, ONTARIO – The families of asbestos victims are protesting an investor’s plan to re-open a Quebec asbestos mine, inviting the lead investor, Baljit Chadha, to visit Sarnia, Ontario to meet with victims.

The fate of the mine rests in the hands of the Quebec government, which is expected to make a decision soon as to whether a loan to asbestos investors will be granted so the Jeffrey mine in Asbestos, Quebec can reopen. The investors aim to export asbestos from Jeffrey, however, the victims and loved ones of those afflicted with asbestos-related diseases are trying to do whatever possible to prevent this from happening.

“We would like Mr. Chadha to meet us and see firsthand the suffering that asbestos has caused to so many Canadians,” said Stacy Cattran, whose father died of asbestos cancer in Sarnia three years ago.

The families held a news conference in Toronto on Friday to express their concerns over the reopening of the mine. Sarnia’s mayor, Mike Bradley, also joined the protestors in inviting Chandra to meet with asbestos victims.

“This community knows the legacy that has been left here from exposure to asbestos and a brave, strong group of citizens, who has suffered directly and indirectly, are determine that no one else around the world will suffer from exposure to asbestos,” Bradley wrote in a letter to Chandra.

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