A mesothelioma victim was awarded $1.45 million on Thursday after a jury ruled that his mesothelioma cancer was the result of being exposed to asbestos at a job he held 45 years ago.

Roger Hammett won his mesothelioma case. But what’s odd about his diagnosis is that he developed mesothelioma after only working for 67 days around asbestos.

Mesothelioma takes as long as 50 years to develop, but usually is the result of prolonged asbestos exposure, so it is strange that his condition deteriorated so rapidly. Hammett is only expected to live one more year but the settlement should offer him at least peace of mind knowing that justice was served.

Hammett worked on a ship known as the SS Seattle in 1966, which sailed from Seattle, Washington, to Anchorage and Kodiak Island, Alaska, and back.

During the 67-days he was at sea, Hammett explains he was exposed to asbestos, which caused his mesothelioma to develop years later.

Despite the short exposure period, the jury agreed that his disease was the result of his asbestos exposure during his service on the SS Seattle.

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