Carl Junction, Missouri – A 55-year-old Missouri woman who was diagnosed with mesothelioma is celebrating the remission of her cancer for over a year.

Sherrie Moore was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2008. Four years ago, she had been experiencing fatigue, pain on her right side that extended into her back, and an elevated heart rate when she decided to go to the doctor. Moore just assumed the symptoms were caused by stress and exertion over her caring for her husband Ed who was suffering with prostate cancer.

After a series of tests and CT scans, a doctor noticed something abnormal in her lungs and referred Moore to a pulmonologist. A pulmonary specialist took an x-ray, which revealed Moore’s lungs had accumulated some fluid, so she was placed on antibiotics.

Fluid in the lungs is a common symptom of mesothelioma patients, so she was asked to return for another CT scan which revealed nearly two liters of fluid in her right lung. An outpatient procedure and biopsy were inconclusive.

After being unable to find a proper diagnosis, Moore was referred to a cancer specialist who recommended an open lung biopsy. The procedure, performed in November 2008, resulted in the finding of 15 tumors in Moore’s right lung. This was when Moore was diagnosed with stage IV mesothelioma.

After the devastating news, Moore was referred to the M.D. Anderson Medical Center in Texas for further treatment. Since the mesothelioma was affecting both her lungs, Moore had only a limited number of options to treat her disease.

Moore underwent 28 rounds of chemotherapy treatments that ended in December 2010. But before the treatments were over, she showed no active sign of mesothelioma. Dr. Anne Tsao, Moore’s doctor and the director of the mesothelioma program at M.D. Anderson, gave her the good news – that she was the first of her patients to attain full remission.

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