Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure occurs, in a scientific sense, when the “earth-indigenous” silicate mineral with slim-long like crystal fingers or “fibrous crystals” comes in contact via physical touch, inhalation, transference and the like. When analyzing whether Asbestos exposure has occurred, science “experts” and the mesothelioma lawyers that work to protect your rights, must be knowledgeable about this naturally occurring poison, if you will. Since the mid 1980s, many uses of asbestos have been banned in several countries, but we continually see new cases of those who are sick with it.

Understand, asbestos wasn’t always know to be a poison. In fact, the word asbestos is a Greek rooted word, it’s an adjective and merely means “ inextinguishable. In that, the Greeks were impressed and unaware that asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma lung cancer, or mesothelioma asbestosis. To the contrary, the Greeks actually believed that asbestos was the “miracle mineral” because it was pliable, soft, and could withstand any heat. Soon sickness was prevalent, but no true connection was made until many many years into the future. Without any modern medicine, the inhalation was fatal more likely than not.

The facts are there, the evidence is clear, the case law is established…If you or some you love is affected by asbestos exposure, a mesothelioma lawyer or attorney can save you and your family time, energy, and money…of course…they might save what life you have left! Asbestos exposure is so severely dangerous because it’s toxicity is real, measurable, and known. Asbestos exposure for many means that one has, either directly or indirectly, inhaled toxic asbestos fibers.

Asbestos exposure increased significantly with the proliferation of the use of asbestos by manufacturers, builders, and other industrial sectors, in the 1980’s especially, like the Greeks before them, due to asbestos resistance to damage by such heat or electricity or chemical damage. Although asbestos exposure that leads to the cancers of the lungs, was not only a work disease as some have tried to characterize. Until banned, asbestos was even used in the home. Many homeowners and homemakers used an electric oven or a hot plate. The truth is asbestos exposure, which leads to mesothelioma lung cancer or asbestosis, can occur in far more than the obvious manufacturing plants of asbestos! A mesothelioma attorney can find out if your asbestos exposure has culpability and whether you have the right to protect yourself and your family to get a free consultation.