Two Companies Required to Pay a $215,000 Settlement for Illegal Asbestos Work in MA

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Two companies who completed construction work in the state of Massachusetts failed to comply with the duty to faithfully follow the laws and regulations that are designed to protect the environment and public when using asbestos. The two companies, who have been identified as Dellbrook Construction, LLC and A-Best Abatement Inc., violated this duty when they “failed to comply with the state’s clean air law and regulations governing the safe handling of asbestos at construction projects” [Source: Eagle Tribune]. The work was performed on the Harbor Place project in downtown Haverhill and the Mass Mills renovation in Lowell.


Some of the violations the two companies committed include:


  • Dellbrook was accused of causing and allowing an underground asbestos-containing pipe to be crushed into small, dry pieces and scattered in the open air around the property.
  • Dellbrook failed to follow the required work practices and neglected to inform the Department of Environmental Protection of the exposed pipe before demolishing it.
  • The companies allowed the removal of asbestos-containing materials from the basement of a five-story building that was being renovated without sealing or ventilating the work areas to help minimize asbestos exposure.
  • The two companies also left asbestos visible in a basement and stored dry, broken asbestos-containing material in torn, unsealed bags in a waste trailer parked behind the building.
  • “Dellbrook demolished and removed asbestos-containing materials from other areas of Mass Mills without surveying those areas for asbestos or notifying the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.”


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As a result of the company’s negligence, the exposure to the asbestos put those around the worksite at risk of developing unwanted health conditions and even mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by asbestos “that forms in the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or heart” [Source: Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance]. The life expectancy of someone who develops this condition is very poor. This is why is it crucial that any companies handling asbestos or working around it follow all the necessary protocols to ensure they don’t expose themselves or others to the harmful mineral fiber.

And because both companies handled the jobs with such little care or concern, a lawsuit was filed in the Suffolk Superior Court by the attorney general’s office. The companies are required to pay $215,000 to settle these allegations that have been pinned against them claiming they performed illegal asbestos work. Hopefully, this case serves as a warning to other individuals working with asbestos to follow all safety protocol each and every time they work with it.


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